TriggerTrap Offers Android Users to Remote DSLR Controls For almost every Camera Makers

Unleash the full potential of your camera via your android smartphone!!!!!!!!

TriggerTrap, a remote DSLR trigger app that is must have for every photographers and geeks. It’s not the only remote DSLR app we have plenty remote DSLR apps flying on the android playstore, but this one has almost supported to all the popular camera makers and models. You can control almost anything and more than your camera osd gui. To know, if your camera is in the list check here. You can also issue a request to them if your one is not listed. They are offering this app with a nominal cost and also they are providing USB OTG cables in a very cheap price, which is very difficult to get on a local market.

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You can download the app directly from the Google play here.

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