Mounting an Android System For Write & Modify Operations

               So you have an old android device?? and you want to change/modify/update it’s system files to fit your fancy requirements and considering the fact that android system is highly modular, customization is hyped a lot about but first, you will need to mount your read only android system for write and modify operations.

Here is one of the way :

   1) Install the Android Software Development Kit and

   2) USB drivers which is specific to your Android Device

   3) USB debugging must be enabled. Check you Application Development section of your android phone.

Set the SDK path in the Advance System Settings such that “adb.exe” is accessible through command
prompt. Alternatively you can go the installed files location of your AndroidSDK to access “adb.exe”

   a) Open Command Prompt and type “adb shell”. This  will brings out the shell prompt.

   b) Typing “mount” will show the list of current partitions on your android device. Note the system
block(the block with the “/system” tag) and its permissions “ro”(i.e read only file system)

   c) Type “su” for super user.

   d) Type “mount -o rw, remount -t yaffs2 (your “/system” block name which in my case is “/dev/block/mtdblock7(space)/system”)”

   e) Typing “mount” will diplay all the current partitions again but now the “/system” block should show
“rw” (i.e read and write)

    Now your system block is mounted for write and modify operations. The rest is pretty much easy.
Navigate around and change or modify your files.The “rm” command deletes a file and in my case as shown in the picture got rid of my ATT tone that plays every time i switch on my phone.Image

Turning your Wi-Fi card into a Virtual Wireless Router

Share Your any Internet Connection very easily and quick!!!!wifi logo

All thanks to Manash for giving me this liberty to rampage his blog.

Okay, so my last month was quite frustrating…I could not find a way to share my broadband connection with my new Android Phone-Motorola MB511(AT&T),  for my initial MotoBlur account setup process and staidly there was no freaking way to bypass it :((. If only I had a wireless router :(( !!!. Nevertheless a few researches on Google revealed the fact that we can actually use a Wi-Fi card as a virtual wireless router under Windows 7!! :)).  Literally, there are many softwares available on the net that makes this simple task even simpler but then we all love the command prompt(the geek’s way).. don’t we ???.

Here’s how we do it using the command prompt….

  1. *Turn on your Wi-Fi
  2. *Start your command prompt as Administrator and punch the commands below
  3. =>netsh wlan set hostednetwork ssid=TechDiarywifi key=1234567890
    *where “TechDiarywifi” is the name of the wi-fi Access Point and “1234567890” is the passkey of the wifi AP.
  4. *Now open Control Panel>Network and Internet> Network Connections and you will find a new Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter (Wireless Network Connection”X”) where “X” is a number that will depend on the number of network connections that you have. In my case it is “2” & hence Wireless Network Connection 2.
  5. *For sharing your broadband connection over this hosted network click on your Broadband LAN Connection properties > Click on “Sharing” tab at the top. Under Internet Connection sharing, check the option “Allow other users to connect through this computer’s internet connection”.
  6. *Now we can start our hosted network. On command prompt type
  7. =>netsh wlan start hostednetwork
  8. **Sharing your internet connection is now easy. Just turn on the Wi-Fi  on your android phone/tablet/lappy/netbook (generally the client device from where you want to connect to the “TechDiarywifi” network that you have created). Give it a few minutes before it detects your Wi-Fi network and then enter your password to login. 
  9. *To stop the hosted network at any point type in=>netsh wlan stop hostednetwork
  10. Using this process you can share any internet connection over Wi-Fi !!( even you’r USB dongle’s internet connection via your Laptop Wi-Fi !!).